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With a design system, you eliminate design debts and turn your digital service into an emotional brand experience.
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Growth through design

Why a Design System?

Chaos in design
No clear design line, no documentation, no design system? Let's create a basis for new features and the future.
Design debts slow you down
Everything works - but there was never really time for design? Not only technical debts slow down your growth.
New features take too long
The team can't implement new features fast enough? With a toolkit, they can react more efficiently.
Design vs. code
Design and live product look like two products? With a design system, consistency increases.
Not the right skills
The team has too little experience with design systems? With mentoring I support teams to solve design debts.
Question marks in your target group
Does everyone understand your product? Together we identify obstacles to make the experience even better.
Freelance Design System Lead

Over 10 years of
design experience

Hi, I'm Kristina from Hamburg and I am all about design systems. I'm a UX/UI designer and create design systems for apps, websites and digital products (SaaS).

Over the years I've worked with countless product teams and seen the same problems over and over again: No docs, version chaos, and outdated UI libraries.

As a designer, I'm a problem solver - and that's where my enthusiasm for design systems came from.

I help product teams create structures that allow designers and developers to focus on the important things. The result? Freedom for creativity and products that inspire your target group.
More than just design

Design with a System.

I have successfully helped various companies to reduce their design debts or to avoid accumulating them in the first place.
Mentoring / Lead for Design Teams
I help your team to independently develop a solid design system and maintain it in a future-proof way.
Fix design debts
An existing design can also be subsequently revised into a design system.
Define workflows, drive design consistency and involve stakeholders with the right structures.
design system overviewdesign system overview

Let's work together.

Most popular services
Design Systems
I help product teams to create a vibrant and efficient design system that is scalable and easy to maintain.
Design Mentoring / Lead
An investment in the internal design department: I work on potentials with product teams and support them in setting up a design system.
Digital brand experience
I develop designs that turn a service into a digital brand. The result: a visual identity that perfectly matches the product.
UX design
I give advice to teams on which optimisations make sense or develop new features - depending on the scope with the best experts from my network.

Design systems for fast and efficient success.

In a design system, all components of the design are defined, from the smallest element to complex components. In this way, features can be implemented quickly and cost-effectively.
Why a design system?
A product is made out of the same building blocks over and over again. In a design system, these are documented and reusable. The UX and development team do not have to think about the same things over and over again. This creates consistency and efficiency.
Learning from the best
Design systems like Google's Material Design or IBM's Carbon set new standards. No matter whether start-up or enterprise - a design system always creates a solid basis for growth and can be designed for almost any product.
atomic designatomic design
Flow of a project

Let's get started.

1. analysis and consultation
Assessment and identification of the greatest potentials and design debts. The goal: a holistic plan for the most value-adding processes.
2. design and concept
Set up of the existing design as a design system or design of a new brand experience or new features with the design team.
3. handover and implementation
Documentation of the results and implementation with the developers. Subsequent coaching for all those who are to use the design system.

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